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AK Rohstoffe

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Mi 14. Oktober 2020

Towards a raw materials transition – Perspectives from the Global South

The raw materials used for consumption, infrastructure and technological innovations are for the most part mined and extracted in the Global South. People and the environment in most cases pay a high price. The various human rights and environmental problems which are directly related to mining-production-consumption of metallic raw materials cannot be solved with more efficiency or new technologies alone. As a German civil society network, AK Rohstoffe is calling for a raw materials transition. Global North countries are major consumers of raw materials and therefore have a special responsibility to reduce their raw material demand in absolute terms and implement human rights due diligence in international supply chains. AK Rohstoffe wants to critically discuss its concept of a raw materials transition and gain insights into diverse perspectives from experts from the Global South. In many places in our world, people resist this exploitation and demonstrate their ideas of sustainable livelihoods.

How do the people in the mining countries see their future and what do they expect from us?

Pia Marchegiani (Farn, Argentinien), Director for Environmental Policy at the Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN) in Argentina. She works with civil society organizations and indigenous communities.
Jacques Nzumbu Mwanga (CARF, DR Kongo), member of the Arrupe Centre for Research and Training (CARF) in the DRC. His research areas are governance and responsible value chains for cobalt, strategic minerals and energy transition; artisanal mining certification, traceability and support for cooperatives; and Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.
Andrés Ángel (AIDA, Colombia), is scientific advisor to the Freshwater Preservation Program. Andrés has experiences as a researcher in diverse socioecological conflicts and territorial defense processes, primarily those related to neo-extractivism.


To participate, please send a short registration by e-mail with your name to nicole.baerthlein@power-shift.de. This should be done by the day before the online seminar. The access to the seminar will be sent after registration.

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